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Melina's Racing Diary

Season 2005/2006

Melina's Second Season.

16th April 2006 - Lismore


Tonight was our second night of tha title.  We had 2 heats each and tha actual title race.  We were all split up into two groups again for tha heats.

Once tha heats were over, they added up everyone's individual total points from tha two nights of heats, and determined out starting positions for tha title race.

I qualified 7th for tha title.  We had a great track to race on all night.

During tha first few laps of tha title I got spun around by #45 and everyone passed me.  I had to gather it up and continue on.  I got back past everyone in a few laps, and was battling it out with Tom Duncan for a while there.  I got past him during tha next few laps though.

There were a few stoppages during tha race, but not nearly as many as were expected.  It was all very good racing.

There was a stoppage on tha 3rd last lap so we had a yellow.  After tha yellow it was a 3 lap dash to tha finish line. 

Tha race finished, with Max Clarke 1st Kyle Armstrong 2nd and I got 3rd. (Max & Kyle were both in fuel injected cars, which were WAY too quick for anyone else's car!)

When they read out tha placings over tha P.A., they announced it as Tom Duncan 3rd, which was wrong because I passed him half way through tha race!  All tha juniors were out on tha infield and when we heard that on tha P.A. everyone started arguing with tha officials because everyone knew I got 3rd.  I was so upset when they told me that, I almost cried cause I thought that all my hard work has been for nothing! (I had tears in my eyes I tried so hard to hold them back hehe).

They put Tom on tha Podium before they corrected tha mistake, which meant everyone thought he got 3rd.

After tha race, I went over to tha tower and they had to recount all tha lap sheets, and they found tha tha lap scorers made a mistake.  They took the 3rd place trophy off Tom and gave it to me after they realized their mistake.

Max, Kyle and I all had to pull tha exhaust manifolds off our engines so that they could check tha ports.  They had to make sure all our engines were legal.  We all passed.

Overall, it was a great nights racing.  I'm so happy that I got 3rd in tha title, it was like tha proudest moment of my life.

I want to thank everyone who stuck up for me and defended me when I said I got 3rd.  It was great to see all tha juniors get along for a bit to help one another.  It was really good, so once again I'd just like to thank everyone.


1st - Max Clarke #15
2nd - Kyle Armstrong #85
3rd - Mel Rachow #21
4th - Tom Duncan #7
5th - Jess Grey #5
6th - Wayne McLaughlin #14
7th - Sean Rachow #24
8th - Keeden Lilley #25
9th - Kurt Curry #19
10th- Sophie Wiblen #71
11th- Damien Madrell #8
12th- Brett Whitney #45
13th- Andrew Duncan #6

14th April 2006 - Grafton


Tonight was our first night of tha title.  It consisted of 4 heats each.  We were all split up into two groups because there was too many of us for one race.  The purpose of tha heats was to gain points which would eventually determine your starting position in the feature on Sunday. 

I cant remember what I came in tha heats, but I didn't drive my best tonight.

18th March 2006 - Grafton

Heat 1- ?

Heat 2- ?

Heat 3- 2nd

Feature- 2nd


25th February 2006 - Grafton

Tonight was a very eventful night.  I got the night without any damage up until the feature.  On the second lap I think it was I was going up the middle of Damien Rose and Sean Rachow, but as I was going through the gap became smaller and I tapped Sean's back quarter panel spinning him around, as he was spinning Damien tapped him and Sean went head first into tha wall and rolled his car.  Most of us stopped for the red light except for one person who drove  straight into the back of my car without braking, which wrecked her front end and bent my car in half, literally :(

Heat 1- ?

Heat 2- 1st

Heat 3- 3rd

Feature- DNF


18th February 2006 - Lismore

In the feature tonight Brett and I had a really good battle for 2nd spot.  We were chopping and changing all race.  I got past him on the last lap on turn 4 and claimed 2nd spot and he came behind me in 3rd.  It was a really close race with good hard racing which made it really fun!

Heat 1- 3rd

Heat 2- ?

Feature- 2nd



28th January 2006 - Lismore

I cant really remember what happened in the heats on this night.

In the feature I held onto 2nd place for about half the race from Damien  but he eventually got me when I went through a huge pothole on a corner.  I spent the rest of the race battling with Damien for 2nd spot, but as we went over the line he was a little bit in front so I got 3rd.

Heat 1- ?

Heat 2- 2nd

Feature- 3rd


27th January 2006 - Lismore

The track we had for our first heat tonight was absolutely awesome I loved it.  I lapped the whole field up to about 3rd place in this heat, it was SO much fun! On the last lap I was lapping Max Clarke (3rd place) when he suddenly turned up and spun me out.  I stopped just before I hit the wall which was really lucky, but he did pop one of my tyres.  They declared the race over and I won :)

In this heat I worked my way up from near the rear to get to 3rd spot behind Damien Rose, but when we came up on lapped traffic they nearly took him out.  The slower cars were really out of control and since it was a heat I just sat in behind them cause I didn't want my car wrecked.

In the feature I was battling with Max Clarke to hold onto 1st position but he got past me when I had a mistake.  Tom Duncan also got up past me when this happened but I quickly regained myself and passed him again.  We were battling for 2nd place for a few laps until he pushed me up into the wall just out of turn 4.  I got control of the car again and started my battle with Tom again.  As we were going through turn 2 a few laps later I was going around the outside of Tom and Max at the same time, but then Max turned up into Tom and Tom turned up into me which put me in the wall. 

It was a really hard hit and I couldn't move my right arm and I was in heaps of pain, but then cause I was pretty much stopped all the slow cars started passing me and I had to try and regain myself even if I could only drive with one arm now.  I got back up to about 5th spot I think after that.

Heat 1- 1st

Heat 2- 3rd

Feature- 5th?




1st January 2006 - Grafton

In the first heat tonight the track was so wet it was pretty bad.  I went a bit to hard for the conditions in this heat and didn't see an accident in front of me so I got tangled up in it was well.  I pulled onto the infield after a few laps because I wasn't sure if my tyre was rubbing on my guard or not.

Before I went out for the second heat I had to check with the tower officials if I was allowed to run without a left hand front guard.  They said I could so I ran the rest of the night without a left front guard, because it got too wrecked in the first heat to leave it on.

In the feature I had to start at the rear of the field because they grided us by points and since its highest points to rear and I'm winning the Pointscore at Grafton I had to start rear.  I worked my way up to second behind Tom and that's where I finished, he was really quick tonight. 

Heat 1- DNF

Heat 2- 1st

Heat 3- 2nd

Feature- 2nd


26th December 2005 - Lismore

Tonight was Round 1 of the Mr. Modified Series, plus Mod Prods, AMCA's and Limiteds were running so there was quite a few cars. 

In our first heat tonight it was fairly wet so I just drove around staying out of trouble and came 5th.  

In tha second heat tha track was good and I came 2nd.

Tha track in tha feature was very rough, but that didn't bother me because I like rough tracks.  After a tough race, battling with Tom for alot of it, I ended up coming 2nd.

Heat 1- 3rd

Heat 2- 3rd

Feature- 3rd

3rd December 2005 - Grafton

Because its daylight savings time at the moment, we race heat 2 just as the sun is starting to go down which means that its like extra bright and as you go through turn 2 here at Grafton you can't see a thing.  You just have to use your judgment and hope that you make it through the corner without hitting the wall or another car.  Sometimes the sun reflects off the cars infront (if there is any) and you can follow their general direction to get through the corner.

Heat 1- 3rd

Heat 2- 4th

Heat 3- 2nd

Feature- 3rd



th November 2005 -

Tonight the track was good in the heats, only a few little ruts.  When it came time for the feature there was a huge pothole in turn 3, like big enough to lose my car in hehe, ok so maybe not quite that big but it was still big.  They brought the grater out to try and fix the hole and it worked for a minute or two before the pothole appeared again.

I can't remember what I came in the heats on this night but I know in the feature I came 2nd.

Feature - 2nd


12th November 2005 -


Since last meeting my engine is pretty much wrecked, I only went out for the 2nd heat and tha feature.  I only went out in the 2nd heat because I wanted to save the motor for the feature, didn't want to risk it.  I came 1st in this heat.

Towards tha middle of tha feature my car started slowing down, and even though I had my foot flat to tha floor, I got passed.  Thankfully I still got a podium finish even though I got passed by Kyle.

Heat 2 - 1st

Feature - 3rd


5th November 2005 - Lismore

Tonight was tha season opener for Lismore Speedway.  The weather was good, it was overcast but thankfully it didn't rain until speedway was finished!

In the feature tonight, my car started heating up badly and blowing smoke so I slowed to be on tha safe side.  Because I had to slow down I lost a position but  I still got on tha podium so its still a good finish.  Yay!

Heat 1- 3rd

Heat 2- 2nd

Heat 3- 2nd

Feature- 3rd


 1st October 2005 - Grafton

First night back, all ready to go.  Had to share my car with my brother

Sean tonight because his car didn't get finished in time for this

meeting.  There were heaps of new juniors out there tonight and one of them

got in an incident with my brother and put my car into tha wall.  It was in a

pretty bad way after that, so I had to run tha feature with no fan, so tha car was

overheating.  Plus there was a fair bit of leniency from tha officials/stewards.

Heat 1 - 2nd

Feature - 4th


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