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Sean's Racing Diary

Season 2005-2006

Sean's First Season.

 2nd October 2005 - Grafton

My first race meeting ever, it was lots of fun. I raced heat 2 and 3 in Mel's 

car because mine wasn't ready. 

The only old juniors out there were Phoebe Grant and Mel Rachow 

(and 2 Newcastle cars John Lodge and Matthew Smith). 

In heat 3, my second race, I got spun from the right rear door, did a full 180 degree spin and 

hit the wall with the left side of the car. OUCH, thanks to the bar work the car was still drivable. 

I kept racing and ending up taking out 5th place. 

After getting out of the car I laid on the bonnet waiting for the pain to go away (it didn't) 

Heat 2- 3rd

Heat 3- 5th



5th November 2005 - Lismore


My first race in my nice new car turned out to be great fun. 11 juniors on the night lead to great racing. 

My car escaped from the night unharmed except for the left front guard and left rear door.

This meeting was a shake-down run for my car and I spent the first 2 heats getting used to it.

Heat 1- 10th

Heat 2- ?

Heat 3- ?




12th November 2005 - Grafton

Grand parade was fun, almost getting bogged but just managed to escape. The night as a whole was great. The first heat 1 I had ever raced wasn't as bad as I had imagined and I came 3rd.

Heat 2, Sophie Wiblen spun Max Clarke in front of me, thinking I could go around I kept going. Max, fighting for control span the other way, I hit the brakes but it was too late and I ran straight into Sophie.

Heat 3 was cut short due to problems after I was hit in the left rear door and a loose radiator pipe the was never done up properly came off. Steam pouring at my face and the temperature gauge as high as it would go I pulled off.

Feature was really fun. Got jumped a position at the start. There was a big dog fight at the first corner (as usual). After 2 stoppages and some great racing, I finished 4th, RIGHT behind Mel.

Heat 1- 3rd

Heat 2- 11th

Heat 3- DNF

Feature- 4th